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Canterbury Fencing Services: Choose Albion Fencing Experts

Albion Fencing Can Provide You with Quality Fencing Services in Margate

You can depend on us for fencing and fencing products that look good, fit their purpose and will last. Our expert team can provide a reliable service in Margate. Our qualified, experienced technicians can provide you with the best possible fencing solutions, taking your budget into account. We offer good fencing services for less than you might think. Call Albion Fencing on 01843 836978 and get a good deal on fencing services today.

Fence and Fencing Services in Margate

A fence is a structure, usually made of material other than bricks or concrete, that's constructed to mark the boundaries of a property and check movement across it. Any house with a garden may need a fence around it for many reasons. Fences can be made of pressure treated soft wood, specially treated steel which come in various styles and colours, aluminium, metal, and powder-coated or galvanized wire. We offer a wide range of fences to choose from and can source and design custom fences in Margate if required. Our fencing systems are stain-free as well as rot-, weather- and fire-resistant.

What Types of Fencing are Available Across Margate?

Close-boarded fencing is one of the most popular types of boundary-marking fences, and is suitable for heavy-duty use. To add an ornamental look to your fencing, choose from our selection of arched and scalloped trellis panel tops. Picket fencing, used traditionally in front gardens, is available in a wide range of designs that can make country estate-type gardens look very attractive. Decorative panels can add charm and designer appeal to your garden. You can choose from an impressive range of panels such as cleft chestnut, willow or bamboo. In Margate, gates are a vital part of fencing. They're available in various styles and colours and can be made from robust, solid timber.

Hints and Tips on Choosing Fencing in Margate

In Margate, it's a good idea to take climactic conditions into account when considering what type of fencing you wish to purchase. Based on the landscaping features of your property, fencing can either be stepped, sloped or level. Leafy areas or homes near greenery may attract termites, white ants and other pests, so timber fencing may not be a good idea. Materials like brick and glass can be used to create stylish fencing, but they can also prove difficult to maintain. We can provide fencing that's made to measure, can enhance the security of your home and that doesn't compromise on style.

The Benefits of Fencing in Margate

Fences are useful in other ways than marking boundaries and as decoration. They can add height to your garden, support climbing plants and shelter and protect you and your garden from the elements. They can hide water butts, compost heaps and rubbish bins, making your garden look more attractive. They can divide your garden - for example, to create a safe area for children to play or make a 'pet-free' area. In Margate, you'll find the fencing services you're looking for at Albion Fencing.

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